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iWRAP Bluetooth Stack

Product Overview

The iWRAP is an embedded Bluetooth stack for Bluegiga's Bluetooth classic modules. It exposes a powerful yet easy-to-use command interface to manage Bluetooth operations. It hides the complexity of the Bluetooth protocol stack and profiles from the end-user and can be used for almost anything; from simple data or audio applications to more complex use cases where interaction with several Bluetooth-enabled devices are needed - or even multi-profile environments for simultaneous audio and data connections.
The 6th generation iWRAPTM Bluetooth stack targets Bluegiga’s Bluetooth classic modules. It features both Apple iAP1 and iAP2 profiles supporting all Apple iOS devices on the market. iWRAP6 also adds the latest versions of Bluetooth audio profiles such as AVRCP v.1.5 with media browsing capabilities, MAP profile for SMS notifications and message download and new aptX® and AAC audio codecs for improved audio experience.

Key Benefits

  • A simple ASCII-based command and response API
    • Easy to use and learn
    • Fast application development
    • Low resource requirements for the host
  • A wide range of Bluetooth profiles
    • Enable complex use cases possible
  • Customizable by Bluegiga Technologies
    • New features and profiles can be added
    • Offers product differentiation at low risk
    • No Bluetooth development skills or tools needed
  • On the field upgradeable
  • Bluetooth qualified
    • Proven interoperability


Latest Firmware for WT32i Audio Module Version 6.1

    • Release note
    • Download firmware
    • Audio tone support – audio tones (files) can be stored on the Bluetooth module’s flash memory, with playback support for stored files
    • Audio tone mixing – audio tones can be mixed with A2DP or HFP audio output
    • Simultaneous AVRCP controller and target profiles – improved user experience with the latest smart phones
    • Enhanced user-configurable Bluetooth reconnection logic Software application programming interfaces (APIs) added for the I2C interface


A Bluetooth stack with:

  • 13 integrated Bluetooth profiles
  • Apple iAP1 and iAP2 over Bluetooth (MFI)
  • Two Bluegiga proprietary profiles

Bluetooth 3.0 compliance:

  • Bluetooth qualified
  • Secure simple pairing support
  • Seven simultaneous connections
  • 600kbps data rate

Supported Bluetooth profiles:

  • Serial Port Profile
  • Apple iAP1 and iAP2
  • Human Interface Device
  • Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
  • A/V Remote Control Profile v.1.5
  • Hands-Free Profile v.1.6
  • Headset Profile v.1.2
  • Phone Book Access Profile
  • Message Access Profile
  • Device Identification Profile
  • Bluetooth Health Device Profile
  • Dial-up Networking Profile
  • Object Push Profile
  • File Transfer Profile

Audio Features:

  • SBC, aptX® and AAC codecs
  • Wide Band Speech
  • CVC echo cancellation
  • External codec configuration over I2C

Proprietary profiles:

  • Bluegiga IO Profile
  • Bluegiga OTA Profile

Documentation and Software

Download data sheets, SDKs / software releases, app notes, example applications, reference designs training material, user guides, reference designs, videos and more. Download our side-by-side product comparison guide.


iWRAP6 Presentation 1.69 MB
iWRAP5 Presentation 1.01 MB

Training Material

Developing Bluetooth Audio Solutions 1.32 MB
Bluetooth Solutions for Apple iOS devices 781.06 KB
Bluetooth End Product Listing (EPL) Guide 595.79 KB

User Guides

iWRAP6 User Guide and API Reference 2.75 MB
iWRAP5 User Guide and API Reference 2.17 MB
Firmware Update Guide 667.25 KB

Application Notes

Application Note: iWRAP6 PBAP and MAP Profiles 661.68 KB
Application Note: iWRAP6 A2DP and AVRCP v.1.5 Configuration and Usage 765.62 KB
Application Note: iWRAP4 and iWRAP5 A2DP Profile Configuration and Usage 594.17 KB
Application Note: SPP Profile Configuration and Usage 474.92 KB
Application Note: HFP and HSP Profile Configuration and Usage 643.86 KB
Application Note: HID Profile Configuration and Usage 542.88 KB
Application Note: HDP Profile Configuration and Usage 1.07 MB
Application Note: iWRAP4 and iWRAP5 PBAP Profile Configuration and Usage 442.42 KB
Application Note: BGIO Profile Configuration and Usage 438.40 KB
Application Note: OBEX Profile Configuration and Usage 481.00 KB

Software Releases

Compare iWRAP Software Versions 416.55 KB
iWRAP 5.0.2 Software Release Notes 238.37 KB
iWRAP5.x and iWRAP6.x Release Notes 285.24 KB
iWRAP5.x and iWRAP6.x Software Releases 35.17 MB

Example Applications

iAP Reference Application 193.78 KB


iWRAP3 Bluetooth Qualified Design Listing Details
iWRAP4 Bluetooth Qualified Design Listing Details
iWRAP5 Bluetooth Qualified Design Listing Details
iWRAP6 Bluetooth Qualified Design Listing Details

PC Tools

BGTerm Terminal Software (Supports iWRAP MUX Protocol) 7.20 MB
BlueSuite 2.5 (Blueflash, PSTool, BlueTest etc.) 6.79 MB
PCM Configuration Tool 103.5 KB

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