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WT11i Bluetooth Class 1 Module

Product Overview

The WT11i is a fully integrated Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, class 1 module combining antenna, Bluetooth radio, and an on-board iWRAP Bluetooth stack.  Bluegiga's WT11i constitutes the ideal solution for developers that want to quickly integrate long-range and high-performance Bluetooth wireless technology into their design without investing several months in Bluetooth radio and stack development. It provides a 100dB link budget ensuring long range and robust Bluetooth connectivity and uses Bluegiga's iWRAP Bluetooth stack, which is an embedded Bluetooth stack implementing 13 different Bluetooth profiles and Apple iAP connectivity. By using WT11i combined with iWRAP Bluetooth stack and Bluegiga's excellent technical support, designers ensure quick time-to-market and low development costs and risks.

Key Benefits

  • Fully integrated Bluetooth solution 
    • Low development costs
    • Fast time-to-market
  • Excellent radio performance
    • 100dB link budget provides long range and robust connectivity
  • On the field upgradeable
  • Bluetooth, CE, FCC, IC and Japan qualified 
    • Proven interoperability 
    • No qualification costs
  • Co-existence with Bluegiga's Wi-Fi products


Radio  features:

  • Bluetooth v.2.1 + EDR
  • Bluetooth class 1 radio
  • Transmit power: +17 dBm
  • Receiver sensitivity: -86 dBm
  • Range: 350 meters line-of-sight
  • Integrated chip antenna or U.FL connector

Hardware features:

  • UART and USB host interfaces
  • 802.11 co-existence interface
  • 6 software programmable IO pins
  • Operating voltage: 2.7V to 3.6V
  • Temperature range: -40° C to +85°C
  • Dimensions: 35.75 x 14.50 x 2.6 mm


  • Bluetooth
  • CE
  • FCC
  • IC
  • Japan


  • Bluegiga iWRAP Bluetooth stack
    • 13 Bluetooth profiles
    • Apple iAP support
  • Bluetooth HCI over UART or USB

Documentation and Software

Download data sheets, SDKs / software releases, app notes, example applications, reference designs training material, user guides, reference designs, videos and more. Download our side-by-side product comparison guide.


iWRAP6 Presentation 1.69 MB

Training Material

Bluetooth Solutions for Apple iOS devices 781.06 KB
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Regulatory Certifications 1012.29 KB
Bluetooth End Product Listing (EPL) Guide 595.79 KB

Data Sheets

WT11i-A Bluetooth Module Data Sheet 1.35 MB
WT11i-E Bluetooth Module Data Sheet 1008.56 KB
WT11i Development Kit Data Sheet 408.23 KB
Chip Antenna Data Sheet 377.08 KB

User Guides

iWRAP6 User Guide and API Reference 2.75 MB
iWRAP5 User Guide and API Reference 2.17 MB
Firmware Update Guide 667.25 KB

Application Notes

Application Note: SPP Profile Configuration and Usage 474.92 KB
Application Note: HFP and HSP Profile Configuration and Usage 643.86 KB
Application Note: HID Profile Configuration and Usage 542.88 KB
Application Note: HDP Profile Configuration and Usage 1.07 MB
Application Note: iWRAP4 and iWRAP5 PBAP Profile Configuration and Usage 442.42 KB
Application Note: BGIO Profile Configuration and Usage 438.40 KB
Application Note: OBEX Profile Configuration and Usage 481.00 KB

Software Releases

Compare iWRAP Software Versions 416.55 KB
iWRAP 5.0.2 Software Release Notes 238.37 KB
iWRAP5.x and iWRAP6.x Release Notes 285.24 KB
iWRAP5.x and iWRAP6.x Software Releases 35.17 MB

Example Applications

iAP Reference Application 193.78 KB

Reference Designs

WT11i Hardware Design Guide 366.22 KB
WT11i Development Kit Design Material 1.61 MB
WT11i-A PADS Decal 1.79 KB
USB Design Guide 627.50 KB
SPI Programming Cable Schematics 13.97 KB


WT11i Bluetooth Qualified Design Listing Details
WT11i-A CE Test Reports and DoC 3.00 MB
WT11i-A FCC and IC Reports and Grants 4.69 MB
WT11i-A/E Japan Test Reports and Certificate 6.34 MB
WT11i-E CE Reports and DoC 916.35 KB
WT11i-E FCC and IC Reports and Grants 3.84 MB
REACH Statement 30.82 KB
RoHS II Compliance Statement 33.35 KB

PC Tools

BGTerm Terminal Software (Supports iWRAP MUX Protocol) 7.20 MB
BlueSuite 2.5 (Blueflash, PSTool, BlueTest etc.) 6.79 MB
PCM Configuration Tool 103.5 KB
USB Development Driver for Windows 699.40 KB

The WT11i Evaluation Kit is designed to assess the WT11i Bluetooth module or prototyping and all piloting Bluetooth applications.

WT11i Development Kit Contents:

  • The WT11i development board contains:
    • WT11i Bluetooth Module
    • RS232 and USB interfaces
    • PCM codec and 3.5mm audio jacks
    • 16 pin IO header
    • 5-9V Power supply
    • Debug connector
  • RS232 cable
  • Debug cable for firmware updates
  • Documentation
  • Pre-installed with latest iWRAP Bluetooth software

Part Number: EBWT11i

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